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This is a personal website of Mike Allbutt the Australian Christian website designer who now lives in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

He is a 39 year old Australian male who is currently living in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. When he lived in Melbourne he was working as a qualified carpenter some days and a website design or SEO guy expert the others.

Mike attended Diamond Valley Baptist Church, and helped lead Christian Surfers in Melbourne each week.

In his spare time after work Mike now spends time with his beautiful wife Vanessa, daughter Priscila, son Joel, daughter Olivia & son Ruben. When they are asleep he is often working on a few other personal website projects like a churches directory.

As a family they moved to Puerto Escondido in October 2007 to establish Christian Surfers Mexico which is known in spanish as Surfistas Cristianos Mexico.


Want to know what a particular place like Melbourne in Australia is like? How about Brisbane or the Gold Coast in Queensland. Mike has written a collection of articles, descriptions and published photos of various locations around the world; Mexico, Puerto Escondido. The information comes mostly from his own first hand knowledge — he lived there.



You ask, 'Who are the Allbutts?' We might have a unique/strange and irregular surname but we do have many other things that make us noteworthy. Mike Allbutt is the owner and author of this personal family website.



Friends are what we all need. This section is dedicated to those Mike calls good friends. Some he has known all his life and would nearly be called family. Some are Australian and others he meet while travelling overseas.


Survival Kit

Life is good or easy, and it can be bad or hard. There are some things in life that we can't do without. Use the information, resources and links in this section to help to survive.


Web Designs

Building web sites is a passion of Mike's. Have a look at what he has done in the past, or is doing presently, and visit some of the new effective websites like:

  1. Surfing lessons for beginners
  2. Puerto Escondido Hotel
  3. Duratherm SIP panels


Green Room

To relax, different people do different things. In Mike's past time he loves to go bodyboarding at various special great surfing locations. At times he has surfed in some unique places or circumstances. Read the stories and see the surfing & bodyboarding images.


Back Door

There is night and there is day. There is an entrance and an exit. There is therefore a front door and a "Back Door". This is Mike's special weird spot where you'll find all types of news of strange and peculiar things.



The Internet is a great places to see family photos. There is now a good collection of pictures, illusions, cool images & other stuff that one might find in a personal photo album gallery.



We would hope that you have been able to find all that you were looking for on this personal website but if not checkout the content on the following pages.



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